Why should you book a lesson only via Guriser?

Why should you book a lesson only via Guriser?

1. Find guru

Guriser allows you to chose best instructor. You can see how your instructor looks, read reviews from previos customers and find out his rating.

2. Book
a lesson

Booking a lesson on Guriser is easy. It takes only 5 minutes to reserve a guru instructor. Every instructor schedule is available online, so it is easy to plan your lessons.

3. Enjoy new

Lesson with a guru allows you to enjoy new experience even more. Don't forget to leave a review on the Guriser afterwards, in order others are able to find best instructors too.

Why should you book a lesson only via Guriser?


Only certified instructors and official schools are available on our website, therefore the classes are absolutely safe.

No surprises

You may choose and book lessons with the best instructors in advance and practice with your chosen instructor.


You can read responses from our clients.

Only the very best instructors

Schools assign their best instructors to Guriser to ensure the very best responses.

Ease of use

Quick booking and receipt of a voucher with all the booked lesson’s details, including a detailed description of the venue with a photograph to ensure that you meet your instructor in the most convenient situation.

  • Choosing a convenient time for you in the schedule
  • All information and booking in whichever language is most convenient for you
  • Instructors from different schools are available in one place, which allows to you to compare all the offers and choose the best one for you
  • You may specify all your additional suggestions as additional information when booking. For example, in some cases, when booking several lessons, the instructor can pick you up at your hotel

Why have a lesson with an instructor? Почему стоит заказать занятие
именно в Гурайзер

Proper technique

The instructor will teach you the proper technique which will enable you to ski more safely and expend less energy.

Safety rules

He will tell you all the rules of safe conduct on the slope.

Suitable equipment

The instructor will advise you on the right equipment for your exact skiing style, which you can try out when renting it or buying in the shop.

The best runs

The instructor will help you to check out the resort and will show the best runs for you. He will help you to avoid congestion on slopes and lines at lifts.


If required, the instructor will book a table for you in the best restaurants or will just advise you a of a cosy place where you can have a snack.

Child care

The lessons provide safe and healthy child care which will give you free time for your own interests.

How does the lesson with instructor work?

The instructor always concentrates on your abilities and wishes. Your safety and pleasure are the most important thing during the lesson. Based on this, the instructor will choose the most suitable runs, where you need have no fear. This means you will be able to control your movements and quickly master your new skills.

When booking a Guriser lesson, you will get a voucher with a detailed description and plan of the place of meeting with your instructor. Then you will be in the sure hands of a certified professional.

If you have any questions about the required duration of the lesson or if you are not sure which instructor to choose etc, please contact us in Live Chat.

To facilitate your decision making, please view a video of a lesson that was booked via Guriser.