Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

The project Guriser offers the services of reserving particular instructors for various types of sports in sport schools. We, SIA Guriser, ask to all sport schools to submit us the respective certificates, which permit these schools to carry out training for the specific types of sports. In this manner, You can be assured that the ordered service through Guriser will be qualitative and professional. References and evaluation about instructors can be supplied only by the persons who have ordered training lessons with them through Guriser. Thus we aim to reach more trust about the rating of instructors. We always try to obtain for you exactly the instructor you have selected. However, the training services are offered by people, therefore in individual cases there may be some changes occurring, which are described in these terms and conditions. Below we have described in detail the terms and conditions of the offered services.

For convenience, we are using the following terms:

  • «Company», «we» - this is our company, SIA ”Guriser”, which has worked out and developed this project, and which has its own Website. SIA ”Guriser” is a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Latvia. The contact information is available in the respective section of the Website.
  • «Website» - the website www.guriser.com.
  • «School» - any company offering the services of training and education for specific types of sports, with which we have signed a contract about insertion of information about this schools on the website.
  • «Instructor» - a specialist working in the mentioned School.
  • «The service» - a training lesson or several lessons with the instructor.
  • «Client» - a person who buys a service through the Website and the person to whom subsequently the Company or the School turns if such a need arises. Only the Client has a right to make changes in the purchased services and otherwise handle with the purchased services, by taking into account the terms and conditions of this document and rights of other persons, as well as any special terms and conditions (for example, regarding the right to refuse from services, etc.).
  • «Person receiving the service» - the person who will be receiving the service, i.e., will come to the training lesson with the instructor. This can be the Client, they may be also other persons, for example, his friends, members of family, etc.


2. Principal terms and conditions

The website www.guriser.com offers an online data base, in which we, based on the contracts signed with the respective School, place information about the available services and training lessons with specific instructors, but the users of the Website can buy these services and training lessons with instructors according to the terms indicated on the website and the given terms and conditions.

The services can be bought only for individual non-commercial use by private persons.

When buying a service through the Website, you obtain the service in the respective School, and the Company acts only as an intermediary in these established relationships, namely, performs the following actions:

  • Ensures technical support of the Website for convenience of the clients and any School;
  • Transfers the details of the order received on the Website;
  • If necessary, coordinates communication among the acquirers of the services, hereinafter referred to as the Client, and the respective School;
  • Sends the Client an electronic confirmation about registration of the order of services in the name of the School.


3. Information on the Website

When placing information on the Website, the Company bases on the data supplied by the Schools. The Schools bear full liability about the contents of information, its preciseness, completeness, timely updating, correctness of information indicated on the Website. Particularly, it refers to the information about instructors: information inserted on the Website about instructors is always supplied by the School where the respective instructor works. We try to check this information as far as possible, but the Company shall not bear liability about the contents of this information and its correspondence with reality.

References of clients placed on the Website, ratings of instructors and schools shall bear solely an informative character and in no manner shall be treated as advertising of some specific School and/or Instructor, nor the recommendations can be used as evidence of trust and quality of any service, School and/or instructor, about whom the information is placed on the Website.

The Company shall not bear liability for any errors, delays, inaccuracies, unreliable or false information or lack of information, if this has been caused by technical reasons, including works on the website, or activities of Schools, as well as caused by actions, inactivity or late actions in performance by School or any of the instructors.

The Company retains unlimited rights to change the Website, services and the present terms and conditions without a prior notice. At any moment of time those terms and conditions are deemed to be in force, which are placed on the Website. The Company retains rights to follow and delete information placed by Clients and/or Schools in the public access network, which contains unacceptable wording/lexis, abusive expressions, and other information whose expression at the Company’s opinion is contrary to generally accepted norms and ethics. In case of identifying similar facts, the Company has an unilateral right for particular users to ban access to certain functions available on the Website or access to the Website at all.

The Company shall not bear liability for legal aspects related to the operation of Schools, including, but not limited to, existence of licenses by the given Schools which are necessary to be held for business operations. Upon establishment of a relationship between each specific School and the Company, the respective School confirms that it holds all the necessary permissions, licenses and other documents, and the respective School bears full liability itself for compliance of these confirmation with the reality .


4. Prices of services, procedure of settlements

The prices indicated on the Website are supplied by the Schools. No additional price for the use of the Website is requested from the Client, and the use of the Website will not serve as a basis for increased prices for services bought through the Website.

The prices indicated on the Website include only the price of services but they do not include the price of ski-passes, equipment, insurance, etc.

When buying a service, please pay attention to special terms and conditions, which can be regulating the service for the respective price. Such special terms and conditions can refer to refusal from the purchased services or return of money paid for the service.

All special terms and conditions and special campaigns are respectively marked. We certainly recommend to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of campaigns, which can differ from the present terms and conditions before buying the service.

When buying the services through the Website and formation of order according to the terms of the respective School, the following types of payment are possible:

  • a settlement by means of a safe internet payment when buying the services through the website. Such a payment is carried out through the payment system of a third person, when the money is deducted from the Client’s indicated bank card or Client’s bank account.
  • a payment of invoice by a bank transfer after reservation of the service on the website. Such a payment is carried out on the basis of an invoice which the Company sends to the Client after reservation of services in the procedure of established communication.

Irrespective of the applied means of payment for the service, the service shall be paid in full before receipt of the service, unless it is indicated otherwise on the Website regarding the specific service.

In case of payment of an invoice for the services, the Client shall follow the due date of payment. In such a case the payment is deemed to be made after the money has arrived at the bank account indicated in the invoice. If the payment is made after the indicated due date, the Company cannot guarantee receipt of services.

The purchase (reservation) of services can be cancelled by the Company and/or School unilaterally without a prior notice and/or agreement with the Client if the respective amount cannot be cleared on the respective date of payment according to the selected procedure of payment, or if payment has not been made in the required deadline.

Untimely payment, incorrect details of bank card or insufficient funds for payment of invoice (including if related to the bank card) shall be the liability of the Client and the Client has no right to claim and request any indemnity in connection with inability to buy and/or use the services due to the reasons mentioned above.


5. Ordering of services. Changes in services. Additional requirements

The Company recommends to plan and buy the services beforehand, no later than 1 month before the planned date of receipt of the services.

The service is deemed to be bought after the payment for the services is made according to the terms and conditions of payment, described in case of each individual purchase. Normally, a full payment is required (100% of the cost of services) before receipt of the services. In case of payment in internet, the settlement is made at the moment of order, in case of a payment by invoice – the settlement shall be made on the due date of invoice. We recommend to pay attention to the terms and conditions of payment before ordering of services.

In case of late purchase, i.e., less than 5 (five) business days before the planned date of receipt of the services, it cannot be guaranteed that the Client will receive the services and/or receive the services in the specific School chosen by the Client, and/or with the selected Instructor.

After purchase of the services, the Client can ask making of changes in the purchased services by means of a normal correspondence with the Company. By taking into accounts the options of Schools and deadlines of receiving similar requests, the Company cannot always guarantee that the necessary changes for the Client will be made. Solving of such issues is subject to individual procedure.

Indication of a specific Instructor when buying (reserving) the services shall not be deemed as an obligation for the School and/or Company. As far as possible, when providing the services, the Client’s preferences are taken into account as regards the personality of Instructor, however the School retains a right to substitute instructors without a prior notice and/or agreement with the Client, by ensuring the equality of substitution. Change of Instructor shall not be deemed to be a refusal from the offered services by the School and/or Company, nor is the reason for refusal from the services on part of the Client.

Information about the place of meeting with the Instructor will be sent to you after making of payment which has to be made according to the payment terms given during placing of order.

Liability for quality of services shall be born by the respective School. The instructor providing the service can in reasonable scope control and not to allow conditions, which cause threat to the safety of persons receiving the service. However, not all depends on the Instructor, and therefore the Client shall truly and as far as possible objectively indicate the level of physical condition and skills of the person/persons who will use the service, because it forms the basis of receiving the services in the best quality, for specific needs and wishes of the Client and the persons using the services, if possibly more aspects are taken into account.

It is of major importance to evaluate and as far as possible describe in detail information about the health condition of the person who will use the service, i.e., the health condition should be proper one for engaging in the given type of sports. Any types of health problems should be noted in information section during placing of order, as well as individually repeated to the Instructor before start of the lesson. If such information is not noted separately and/or before the start of the lesson the Instructor does not get informed about health problems, the Instructor is entitled and has full basis to consider that the person has no health problems and can use the services without any restrictions. Before making of order, in case of any doubt about the compliance of health condition with the use of the service, you should first consult the doctor.

In addition, when receiving the services, the person using the service shall follow the commands and advice of the Instructor. The School, Instructor or Company shall not bear liability for traumas or other personal accidents incurred by the persons using the services.

When receiving the services, the persons using the services shall have a proper insurance policy, including insurance of life and health, which guarantees indemnity in case of harm to health and expenses incurred in connection with these facts exactly in relation to the selected type of sports, for whose training the service was bought. Such insurance may be bought in an insurance company in the country of residence, during planning of a trip. Apart from that, we recommend to use insurance of equipment offered in different rent offices for the equipment to be used during receipt of services. We draw your attention to the fact that insurance companies, however, may stipulate certain terms and conditions for buying of insurance policy and receipt of insurance indemnity. Therefore we advise to read carefully the terms and conditions of respective insurance companies.

When placing an order, we ask to take into account age limitations for certain types of sports, namely:

  • Training of mountain skiing can be started at the age of 4;
  • Training of snow-boarding can be started at the age of 8;
  • For other types of sports, training can be started from the age of 18, unless in individual cases (for a specific proposal separately) indicated otherwise.

We would like to draw your attention that a person under the age of 18 before the 1st lesson shall have a permission from parents (trustees) or persons substituting them.

Equipment necessary for receipt of the service (engaging in the lesson) shall be independently provided by the person who uses the service and the Instructor does not bear liability for quality of this equipment, its correct regulation and suitability for receipt of service. When trained for mountain skiing and snow boarding, the person receiving the service shall use a helmet, for snow boarding lessons it is advised to wear protective equipment for spine.

The persons with disabilities and special needs before buying of a service on the website shall contact the administration of website via electronic mail and specify if the services can be provided to such persons and if there are instructors available for these specific needs.


6. Refusal from services and return of payment

The Client has a right to refuse from the services fully or partially no later than 14 (fourteen) business days before the service by using the respective link on the Website. As regards specific proposals, there may be special terms and conditions existing regarding the deadlines of refusal from the bought services.

If the Client refuses from the services after the indicated deadline, the payment for training lessons shall not be returned, except for cases when the reason of refusal from the services is a confirming document from the doctor about illness of the Client. The Company retains a right to review each case individually and make a decision on the basis of documents submitted by the Client.

The Company or School have a right unilaterally to refuse from the offered services without giving a reason, and upon this the Client receives back only the money paid by the Client according to invoice. Inter alia, the reason of refusal from the offered service by the Company and/or School can be improper weather conditions, upon which the School cannot guarantee safety of the Client, other conditions of force majeure character, which means a condition when safe rendering of the services to the Client is not possible and which the Company and/or School were unable to forecast and/or avert by putting reasonable effort.

The Client has no right to unilaterally refuse from receipt of the bought services by referring to improper weather conditions if the School as a qualified specialist considers that upon such weather conditions the service can be rendered to the Client and the School can render the services to the Client qualitatively.

In case of partial payment for the services, if such a procedure of payment is allowed by the specific School, the Client shall be obliged to pay the whole price of the service (all purchased training lessons) if the Client refuses from the bought services later than the above mentioned deadline in Clause 4.1.

Refund of money is made by taking into account bank commissions and other commissions paid by the School and the Company.

The client or the person using the service is deemed to have received the service and the payment for the service is not refunded if the person using the service was late for the lesson for more than 10 minutes after the fixed time.


7. Confidentiality of data

When buying the services, the Client shall indicate the following personal information:

  • Name, surname and date of birth of the Client;
  • Electronic e-mail address, telephone number, post address of the Client;
  • Language of communication of the Client;
  • Names, surnames and dates of birth of the person using the services;
  • Language of communication of the persons using the services;
  • Special requirements and/or special notes regarding the persons using the services;
  • Expected place of accommodation (hotel, apartments) during receipt of the services;
  • Other information requested for completion of the form when buying the services.

When buying the services, the Client agrees that the indicated information will be processed by the Company and the School, will be stored in the Company and in the School, as well as the Client confirms that the Company and the School have a right to handle this information in the framework of law and the present terms and conditions. When buying the services, the Client additionally guarantees that it has a right to handle information about the persons who will use the services, that these persons are informed about this fact and scope of information supplied, and that they agree with this fact.

The whole information entered by the Client in the process of buying the services shall be given truly and fairly, without omissions, as far as possible objectively if during entering of information it is requested to assess some criterion (for example, the level of physical condition, etc.). The Client shall timely inform the Company about changes in the indicated information. In case of failure to meet the indicated terms and conditions, the Client can be declined from receipt of the services without indemnification of Client’s paid price.

The Company uses or can use the data obtained from the Website, including contact information, for the following purposes:

  • for transfer to the respective School;
  • for administration of Client’s account on the Website;
  • for marketing promotions in the framework of law (for example, but not limited to sending of regular messages after consent from the Client is obtained and with an option to refuse from receipt of such messages);
  • for ensuring normal communication with the Client during the purchase of services;
  • for communication during solving of various issues after the services have been bought;
  • for sending notices connected with the bought services;
  • for analytical reasons, corresponding to the needs of the Website and the Company.

Personal data of the Client and the person/persons who will use the services, and other information received during purchase of the services, can be transferred to the following third persons for the following reasons:

  • to the respective School for completion of the purchase of services;
  • to external providers of services if it is necessary for receipt of payment for the services, receipt of service provided by analysts, settlement of other issues related to performance of service, and external providers of services shall follow the requirements of confidentiality and bear liability for failure to observe this requirement;
  • to competent authorities if it is required in accordance with the law or necessary for aversion, delivering or tracking of persons committing illegal offences.

There are cookies-files used on the Website, which collect the data about visits at the site, language of the clients on the Website, types of sports, languages of offered services, resorts interesting to the clients, profiles visited of specific instructors. These data help to adapt the contents of the Website for the Client. When using the Website, the Client gives consent to collection and use of the given cookies, transferred to the Client’s computer. The Client at any moment can recall its consent by deleting the saved cookies-files.

After receipt of the services, the Company stores and processes within the framework of law the following information about the Client and persons using the services:

  • name, surname;
  • telephone number, e-mail;
  • preferred language of communication;
  • name of apartments and/or hotel where the Client and/or the persons using the service stayed during receipt of the services;
  • detailed information about received services (data of instructor (instructors), date (dates) of lessons, type of sports).

For the purposes of ensuring safety of clients’ data and other persons, the website is operating a safe type of connection through protocol SSL.


8. Right to intellectual property

The Company retains exclusive right of ownership, use and handling (all rights to intellectual property) of information, design, data bases and other things being on the Website.

Copying, publication of links on the Website, advertising or other use of the contents of the Website, including references of Clients, is prohibited without a written permission from the Company.

Any illegal use of the Company’s intellectual property shall form a substantial breach of our rights to intellectual property (including copyright and right to access to data base).


The Company shall not bear liability for violation of copyright by third persons allowed access to the Website by Schools, Clients and other persons who are not connected with the Company.


9. Miscellaneous

The present terms and conditions, as well as rendering of the Company’s service are regulated and are subject to interpreting in compliance with the law of the Republic of Latvia.

All issues of disagreement arising in connection with the present terms and conditions, as well as in connection with the Company’s services shall be subject to settlement solely in the respective court instances of the Republic of Latvia.

The present terms and conditions are drawn up in English and Russian. The wording in English is governing one.

If any provision of the present terms and conditions loses its legal force or stops to be binding, all the rest of the terms and conditions shall remain in force and will be used instead. In such a case the invalid provision shall be met in compliance with the contents and target of the present terms and conditions.